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Love lessons from Suffo and Puleng

Nandipha Pantsi |
14 February 2018

It’s the month of romance and nobody has taught us more about love than Suffo and Puleng. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM. 

Here are four lessons on love that we’ve learnt from Mr and Mrs Ndlovu.

Marriage is work

We were all overjoyed when Suffo and Puleng tied the knot a couple of years ago. They were the picture perfect couple that everyone looked up to. But in the months that followed, we learnt that marriage is actually a lot of hard work. From adultery to humiliation and threats of divorce, Suffo and Puleng have been through it all, yet their love for each still remains.

True love forgives

Some of the things that Suffo and Puleng have forgiven each other for are shocking to say the least. Suffo forgave Puleng after she slept with his brother, Themba in a plan to deceive him into believing it was his child. He forgave her after she married Mam Mothibi, and then again after she slept with Brother Wiseman. But he didn’t forgive her without punishing her first. He flaunted his mistress’s right in front of her and refused to support her financially while she was pregnant. Puleng forgave him too.

Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder

Puleng suffered immensely while she was living with the Genesis Fellowship Church, but when she finally escaped she had a greater appreciation for Suffo and her family. We never want to see Puleng suffer like that again, but it’s clear that the time Suffo and Puleng spent apart, helped them to see their relationship from a fresh perspective.

You’ve gotta have each other’s backs

When Suffo was arrested a few weeks ago, Puleng stepped in and took care of his business like a boss. She commanded respect and made sure everything at Kilowatt was running smoothly. Puleng even smuggled things into prison to help Suffo survive. If this isn’t true love, we don’t know what is.

What has Suffo and Puleng’s relationship taught you about love?

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