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eToonz+ December highlights

23 December 2016

Worried about keeping the little ones entertained this festive season? We’ve got you covered! Only on OpenView HD

Here’s what you and your kiddies can look forward to on eToonz+ this holiday season.

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Storm Hawks
Mondays at 4:30PM

Five mismatched teens have found the wreckage of legendary sky knight squadron The Storm Hawks, and now, armed with transforming flying motorcycles, these punks are dog-fighting some of the nastiest villains ever to hit the skies.

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The Jungle Bunch To The Rescue
Tuesdays at 4PM, starts 6 December.

The jungle can be a dangerous place for animals. But not when the Jungle Bunch are around to rescue anyone who needs saving. Lead by Tiger warrior, Maurice, this bunch will have you feeling safe in no time.

Strange Hill High
Fridays at 4:30PM

Set in an all-but-forgotten inner-city school with many secrets and mysteries, the show follows a team of three students as they investigate all manner of bizarre and odd occurrences that seem to only happen at Strange Hill High.

Regal Academy
Fridays at 5:30PM, starts 9 December.

Regal Academy is a hilarious and exciting new take on the familiar world of fairy tales and turns it on its head through the adventures of Rose Cinderella, a normal girl who suddenly finds herself in the world of Fairy Tales. Here she discovers that Cinderella is… her granny!